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Tomorrow Festival


In 2012 the organizers of Tomorrow Festival approached me and some fellow students to redesign their entire Corporate Design. Held only for the second time we had plenty of rope for the initial designs. 

The official organizer of the festival was Global 2000, an austrian ecology group. Therefore, the issues of environmental protection and sustainability were crucial for the festival itself and so for its design. 

Beginning with the logo I tried to make a connection of the festivals name and a natural shape. I ended up with Tomorrow Festivals initials, combined them to a single pseudo-letter and modified it to look like a spike. The picture mark combined with a bold and modern typeface was thereafter used as Tomorrow Festivals logo. 

The sheer illegibility of conventional festival posters in mind I decided to split them up into 3 individual posters, one for each stage. The concept behind those were to carry on the topics of environmental protection and sustainability without using a pseudo-green visual language. 

The blurry photographs of grass and flowers displays the beauty of nature but also symbolizes the fragility of it. Without using classic "green" imagery the posters appear clean and modern. Since the festival itself is not very well known by now the logo sits quietly on the top left and stays out of focus. Instead the viewers attention is drawn to the essential information like the date, the location and the performing acts. 

To give potential first time visitors an idea of what Tomorrow Festival could be like, original photography of last years festival was used throughout the website. Flat design and plenty of white space ensured the viewer didn't get distracted by visual gimmicks and could get information about performing artists as well as the organizers concerns fast and easily.

All of these design suggestions were  done by me rather than in teamwork.
Please note that not all of them were approved by the client. 




This is a small excerpt of projects I have done from 2010 to 2013.
The selection features projects from different design fields to show my widespread interests and abilities.


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Florian Mondl

My name is Florian Mondl and I’m glad you are here.

I’m a designer from beautiful Salzburg, Austria. Graduating from University of Applied Sciences Salzburg with a MA in Arts & Design I passionately work within the fields of Graphic, Web and Motion Design.

I have been working for and with Hellohikimori, Agentur Loop and Bustarts and I am available for freelance projects.

Feel free to get in touch with me in your preferred way.

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